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Our Stories

The humble begins in 1982, Mr. Koh Tek Mong (KTM) is a prodigy in making yellow noodles and kway tiaw (flat rice noodles). Both noodles were introduced and established in the local market in a small scale. At that time, the company hd only three employees and it took almost 10 years for these two products to be widely available in the local market.

The Establishment Company

By 1990, became more established and stable up to the point where semi-automatic machines where used in the noodle production. The machine could produce three tones of noodles per day. It was during this time the company successfully expanded, especially after it entered the Tutong and Kuala Belait district market. This means that the locals and people in Brunei Darussalam have accepted the product even up to this day. Aside from yellow noodles and kway tiaw, the company has decided to introduce other products – wonton skin and kollo mee (egg noodles).

Expanding market to global

In 2007, with the co-operation from the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources through BINA ( Brunei Industrial Development Authority ), the company was awarded with a piece of land which will be used to construct the one of the largest factory to produce the noodles that everyone loves. By establishing the company’s new factory name ‘Asli-KTM Sdn Bhd’ and a ‘BruMee’ logo, the company is one step ahead towards exporting their products.

Our Products

1) Fresh Noodle (Yellow Noodles)
2) Kway Tiaw Noodle (Rice Noodle)
3) Wonlon Noodle (Egg Noodle)
4) Wonfon Skin Sheel (Dumpling Skin)
5) Dried Yellow Noodle (Dried Noodle)
6) Instant Kollo Mee (Instant Noodles)

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